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Best Kept Secret In The Finance Industry: Increase Sales With This Letter In The Next 30 Days…


Dear Credit Lender,


The finance industry holds value to business owners looking for alternative lending and funding options when the banks are saying no because of traditional lending practices…


I’ve witnessed my fair share of struggles with finding lending options to fund my business. However, I’ve also witness my share of gains from investments because of lending options available to me as I continue to grow my portfolio of assets…


It turns out there are many business owners who aren’t aware of your options. They think lenders charge an insane amount of interest to get them out of a pickle…


However, that’s not who your market is. What if I can show you a way to find qualified applicants that won’t be of high risk? What if I can show you a way to let these qualified business owners aware of the fact that you exist as a firm that is willing to help them?

How To Get More Applicants For Your Lending Options


The credit system’s landscape is always evolving new tools and advancements in the credit industry are transforming the way consumers borrow money… and invest.

What does this mean to you?

It means you can control the content behind these new tools and advancements to your benefit.


Your company wants to attract applicants online who qualify for a business line of credit for $50,000. 

Bill has been searching for a lender to approve him for $35,000 so he can go buy materials for his company that he needs on a daily basis.

While searching google, he comes across this website that shows him how to buy materials using a business line of credit that builds your business credit…

There he finds a PDF downloadable report that shows him the steps he needs to take to get the $35,000 to go buy his materials for his company.

Who is this credit lender?

It’s you!

Bill calls your company and applies for your $50,000 business line of credit. You just created a win-win situation for the both of you because Bill found your lead generation website to attract applicants for business lines of credit

See, I’ve kept my eyes on innovative ways to attract new business in the business lending industry. My name is Casandra and I’m a financial copywriter for a select few credit lenders who utilize direct-response marketing as one of their marketing strategies. 

There are investment strategies I use that involve lending practices that make me great returns in the real estate industry and the eCommerce industry. And I really do enjoy writing about them…

You know what I’m talking about right?

With my help, you can share this knowledge and more with your prospects. 

Bottom line: my goal is to increase your sales. Period.

I know the industry has such a bad reputation but there are only a select few companies — you’ve never heard of — business owners go to when applying for alternative lending options because the banks didn’t accept their 680 Personal Score when in reality it’s their DUNS and EIN numbers that are the most important, or what their current cash flow is… 


Will you be one of them?


I’m reaching out to you because you want to know the ins of generating more sales, more underwriting contracts, more money to lend, more quotas to achieve, more commissions to be made —


A great researcher for your team is an increase in sales generated


…and I would like to be your go-to copywriter.

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Call or Text me at my iPhone (973) 771-9118.



Casandra Valentin

Copywriter for the Finance Industry


P.S. Here’s that letter the Finance Industry has been keeping secret from you. (SECRET LETTER)


What other service at your firm do you need to increase your sales with a direct-response marketing approach? Call/text me now 973-771-9118.


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