What Will Your Marketing Look Like In 2018 And Beyond

What will your marketing be like in the next upcoming years?

For many years, companies have used various types of online marketing to attract and nurture customer connections. Although there are many methods available to marketers, few have proven as effective as developing a marketing plan that attracts quality patients.

Valentinas Media Company’s strategic process begins with exploring customer concerns, using them to guide the marketing strategy. During implementation, valuable content, that speaks directly to the needs of the customer, is produced and promoted in a way that attracts attention.

As new connections are made, they are cultivated with high-interest, informative content and compelling calls-to-actions. Before long, your prospects become your customers. After the sale is complete, the connection is sustained through ongoing communication that encourages referrals and repeat business.

Almost every client engagement is a little bit different depending on each client’s needs, capabilities, industry, buyer personas and so on. Generally the total budget will be between $5-12K/month (including media buys).

This budget is usually split up between our retainer fee for planning, implementing and measuring the marketing strategy plan we create for you, and initial media buys such as Google advertising, Facebook advertising, and so on.

When talking with any new prospective client, we will interview you, assess your situation and needs, and put together a recommended budget and plan of action specific to the plan we develop for your growth.


Every business situation is unique, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee results. Factors that affect results include your industry location, your prospects’ buyers journeys, your company’s current position on the business maturity curve, and so on.

Additionally, when you work with us, we need you to commit to certain responsibilities on your end as well (see below), and the extent of your cooperation with us will be a significant factor in our success together.

However what we can guarantee is this: by working with us, you gain a full team of professionals who bring extensive digital expertise, who are devoted to your success, and who will commit their time and energy to doing whatever it takes to helping your business succeed.

Have other questions that we haven’t covered here? Drop us a line and we’ll answer any and all questions you have. No question is too simple or too complex for us, so ask away!

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Casandra Valentin

Marketing Strategy Specialist