Best Kept Secret In The Finance Industry: Increase Sales With This Letter In The Next 30 Days…

Dear Credit Repair-Friend,

The credit repair industry holds value to consumers…

This woman I just met a few months ago told me her stories of how she was paying ridiculous interest rate fees on her credit accounts and that her credit score got shot down to hell; complete shit! She even missed out on a great investment opportunity buying an investment property…

I told her what she needed to do to get her credit back above 700 so she would be able to utilize borrowing money at low rates…. And what she could do about never having to miss another investment ever again…

It turns out people still choose convenience over having to do the work themselves. She ended up paying me to do the work for her — of course I outsourced the manual labor.

Credit Repair Industry Is Changing

The credit system’s landscape is always evolving new tools and advancements in the credit industry are transforming the way consumers borrow money… and invest.

I’ve kept tabs on the industry. My name is Casandra and I’m a financial copywriter for professional agencies, financiers and attorneys who offer credit services and utilize direct-response marketing as one of their marketing strategies.

My vast accumulation of knowledge in the industry is second to none. There are investment strategies I’ve known to involve credit scores that make investors great returns in the real estate industry. You can share this knowledge and more with your prospects. Bottom line: my goal is to increase your sales. Period.

I know the industry has such a bad reputation but there are only a select few companies — you’ve never heard of — consumers go to get their credit reports cleaned up…

Will you be one of them?

I’m reaching out to you because I know you offer credit services to your clientele — a great researcher for your team is increase in sales generated — and I would like to be your go-to copywriter.

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Call or Text me at my iPhone (973) 771-9118.



Casandra Valentin Copywriter for the Finance Industry

P.S. Here’s that letter the Finance Industry has been keeping secrets from the credit repairers. You can go to this website:

What other service at your firm do you deal with consumers and need to increase your sales with my financial copywriting abilities? Call/text me now 973-771-9118.