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Let us handle sending you your prospects and customers by setting you up with successful marketing and advertising campaigns

A Solution For Your Marketing And Advertising Problems

Which one are you? What package does your business need?

Professional Services

Special training in the arts and sciences gave you the chance to hold a professional license and the prestige that comes with it.

Let us handle your marketing and advertising sector so you get more people to call you and book more appointments as your clients.

eCommerce & Retail Stores

You have a mixture of products at a physical location, online, or both. You want to sell more but are having difficultly getting your business in front of the right audience.

We make sure each product gets the appropriate attention with a one-of-a-kind marketing and advertising strategy that will attract the right buyer to the right product, leaving you with more products sold and a larger customer base.

Amazon The Everything Store

You have built your operations for your FBA product listing. You sell enough product but have yet to reach your revenue projections.

We can get your Amazon FBA product to rank high for search terms. We use a proven Amazon SEO and advertising blueprint to implement so you sell more products per month.

What Part Of Your Marketing You Know Needs Attention

The 7 parts of your marketing plan that make you money



Need help persuading people to buy from you?

We build your copy so that you persuade people to make a decision right away.

Facebook Ads

You get quality leads of people who want to buy from you.

We create Facebook ads that place your company in front of the correct audience who want your products or services.

Google Adwords

We’ve heard those horror stories of people loosing lots of money with Google Ads.

Luckily you found Valentinas Media Company. You either get a sale for every click or your ad isn’t setup right.


Marketing Funnels

“Funnel” has become a buzz word these days. You get many people opting into your email list.

We make sure to segment your list so you can continue marketing to people who want to buy from you.



We optimize your website then you rank in the top 3 positions of Google and other search engines.

People will click on your website because they see your website first before scrolling down the page. We give them a reason to click on you.

Website Design

You get a one-of-a-kind design for your website that presents high quality showmanship to your buyers.


The Internet Algorithm Has Changed

Get your website to be mobile friendly right now because the longer you wait, the more customers you can loose to your competition.

Direct Response Mail

Who said mailing to your customers’ mailbox was dead?

Send direct response mailers that will generate new leads of revenue with copy that actually makes your buyers make a purchase right away.

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