Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas

When The Old Ways Of Marketing Are Not Enough, You Need To Start Stacking Your Marketing The Innovative Way To Keep Up

The most successful plastic surgeons of today utilize ALL avenues…


How’s it going Doc?

Now, are you tired of seeing the same tactics used to attract, convert, and close new business? It all starts to look the same, doesn’t it? Well, now is your chance to stand out from the crowd of competition.

I’m going to show you a few more things you can do to grow your patient base, online and offline….

Have you ever wanted to host a Christmas party in July? You can make it a special event where your current patients can receive a free facial and a presentation of up-and-coming techniques that will be great for their appearance. The experience you give them will remind them of a positive experience they had with you which will result in increased referrals and long-term relationships that will help in the future.

What about clearing up some common misconceptions of the industry? Get yourself an appearance on a local radio talk show or podcast. You can provide some insightful tips about a hot topic. This appearance will make more people aware of your practice and become familiar with the expertise and character as a surgeon…

Like I mentioned before, I have some tips offline you can do to innovate your marketing. What about your reception area? You are likely to have plenty of magazines, beautiful artwork, and comfortable seating, correct? If you provide a few tablets that are loaded with original articles on health and wellness and popular apps, you could slip in a pop-up that asks users to write a review for you. Give them the option of writing one now by featuring a landing page that provides links to several top review sites. You can greatly increase the quality and quantity of your practice’s online reviews….

Here’s another idea for you doc, promote your practice by setting up a booth at the local health fair this summer or fall. You can provide information about the importance of staying hydrated, protecting yourself from the sun, and shedding extra pounds, all concerns shared by your audience. You can use a combo promotion by posting about the event on Facebook Live and ask visitors to come sign up to win a free skin treatment, or something else of your choice….


You know doc, there are a number of people on YouTube entertaining the world by letting them into their lives. Why not create a character who published a blog about their lives? You can bring your ideal persona to life on a video blog. That character can express challenges and desires shared by one or more of your ideal patient. It’s all about building influence with followers….

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, being a participant of a national health organization event. There are countless organizations that host local events to increase awareness and raise funds. Why not help a good cause while gaining exposure for your practice by being a sponsor?

You see, you need to keep adding to your marketing and incorporating new ones by stacking the old marketing ideas. This is what I mean by innovation. It’s nothing entirely new, you’re just using a different variation of ideas that will work together…

Now, it’s currently estimated that approximately 75% of plastic surgery patients find their plastic surgeon online. It’s neither accurate nor fair, but a strong online presence is often the determinant in a patient deeming you an expert. Keeping this in mind, it’s important that you take the necessary online marketing steps to help your practice be seen by patients and search engines.

But, today I just wanted to remind you of other ways you can gain traction because you were getting tired of seeing the same tactics used to attract, convert, and close new business online. Add these with your online marketing efforts, there shouldn’t be any reason why you couldn’t get another 20 new patient leads every week.



Casandra Valentin

Co-Founder of Valentinas Media Company