Copywriting For Websites

The Key To Having A Successful Cosmetic Surgeons Website That Performs Well On The Search Engines And Generates The Leads You Desire

Content that is informative, engaging, and highlights the strengths of your plastic/cosmetic surgery practice….


These days the level of competition among plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons is extremely high. It’s not enough to rely only on word-of-mouth referrals or a prominent office location with external signage.

But this is great news for you as a plastic surgeon.

Tell you what, why don’t you ask yourself these five questions about your cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery website:


  1. Does it convey your professionalism and compassion?

  2. Does it explain your various specialties?

  3. Does it list your training, education, experience and practice history?

  4. Does it compare well with competitor plastic surgeon sites?

  5. Does it entice prospects to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation?

Did you answer “yes” to all these questions? If not, you REALLY need to consider making changes. “You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.” I know you’d heard of this quote before….

It drives me nuts when people throw this quote in my face because they haven’t evolved pass the basics of innovation….

These days where the internet is saturated with content, a skilled copywriter for plastic and cosmetic surgeons will come to save your practice by improving your website content.

High quality website content for plastic surgeons will have a drastic impact on many factors associated with the success of your marketing and advertising campaign.

  • Search engine rankings

  • User experience

  • Converting users into leads and new patients

  • Creating rapport and credibility with users

Establish rapport with prospective clients even before they meet you for their initial consultation.

Website copywriting is attention to detail and commitment to developing high quality, original content. Show your potential patients what makes you unique and why you are the right choice to perform their desired procedure.

Use Strategic Marketing and Quality Copywriting

to Grow Your Surgical Practice

You’ve been told this before and I will gladly say this again, your website serves as your storefront. Potential patients do not casually drop by your office to browse surgery procedures or treatments, the way they shop for clothes or furniture.

Instead, today’s patients search online. When they find you, they click over to your website to learn more.

Will they stay? Maybe…

Will they eventually become new patients? I hope so….

Use your plastic/cosmetic surgery website as a comprehensive promotional tool for your practice. You should consider creating a unique landing page for each type of procedure you’d like to target such as:

  • Breast Enhancement — augmentation, lift, reduction

  • Facial Contouring — rhinoplasty, chin, or cheek enhancement

  • Facial Rejuvenation — facelift, eyelid lift, neck lift, brow lift

  • Body Contouring — tummy tuck, liposuction, gynecomastia treatment

  • Pediatric Plastic Surgery — correcting deformities from  birth defect, injury or illness

  • Reconstructive Surgery — fixing developmental abnormalities from trauma, infection, tumors or disease

  • Related Non-surgical Procedures — chemical peels, dermal fillers, collagen fillers, laser treatments, botox

Each landing page will give the impression that you are uniquely qualified to perform that specific type of surgery or treatment.

When a prospective patient is comparing your services to a general plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon, your ability to look like an industry leader via your landing page could be the tipping point for his or her decision.

It would be easy to think that marketing isn’t critical. But the truth is……


Make a significant difference on the number of new business inquiries you get as well as repeat business from existing customers with well-written copy on your website.

Working with a cosmetic surgery copywriter who understands strategic marketing for plastic/cosmetic surgeons can help ensure the money you invest in promoting your practice gives you a solid return in the form of increased market share and revenue.

After all, you need to penetrate the market. PERIOD.

While interest in plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements is greater today than ever before, the market is also significantly more competitive with more practitioners angling for their piece of the pie.

Smart, strategic marketing combined with engaging copywriting will help you separate your image from other surgeons and give you an edge in growing your practice.

The Habits of Potential Plastic Surgery Patients

Look at it from the patient perspective….

Imagine you are someone that has concerns about their body, and is interested in seeking out a local plastic surgeon. You aren’t going to take out a local magazine, hoping to find an advertisement for the nearest cosmetic surgeon.

You aren’t going to watch TV, hoping an advertisement comes on TV. You aren’t going to stroll by billboards, hoping to see a plastic surgeon marketing themselves on a big sign.

What you’re going to do is come online, search for “CITY plastic surgeon,” and examine the first few that pop up. If you’re not one of the first choices they see, chances are they’re not going to choose you for their surgical care.

Don’t be that plastic surgeon that spends thousands on their offline advertisements, yet very little on marketing their website.

Investing in a customized plastic surgery website copywriting along with SEO, will have greater benefits for less of an investment, and reflects the changes to the way that patients seek out surgical care.

In addition, high quality content writing can improve conversions of all of your other forms of marketing, including:

  • Word of Mouth

  • TV Ads

  • Magazines and More

Word of mouth marketing – and all plastic surgery marketing strategies – will continue to have an impact. But people do not simply trust what they see any more. Even when recommended by a patient, the potential patient will still go online, search for your information, and see if you are someone they trust.

That means that even without SEO, content copywriting will help you improve your business and boost conversions by making it more likely that those that seek out your services will turn into clients.

As with the design and user experience, good marketing copy is a vital piece of your overall web strategy. A website cannot survive without good copy, no matter how well it may function otherwise.

We sweat the details to know what I’m talking about

Plastic surgery is a complex field, and that means the minutia matters. Breast Lift Candidates want to know the difference between a lollipop incision and an anchor incision.

Breast augmentation candidates want to know whether a silicone or saline implant is better for their needs. Because we start the writing process with a broad base of knowledge and a strong foundation of experience, we’re able to create more content on our own—easing the burden of involved surgeons.

Unique To You: Your Website Is Special

It represents you and it represents your brand. That’s why you need to take special care to ensure that any copy written for surgeons maintains that brand identity. That includes incorporating specialties or technique that might make you stand out with your patients.

Quick Communication….

Most surgeons choose their own level of involvement when it comes to writing copy for their websites. Whether you want to make detailed notes or simply approve and move on, you best stay in constant communication with your copywriting team.

I know how frustrating it is when simple questions go unanswered; that’s why you need to make sure to remain engaged with at all times throughout the copywriting process

Okay, so key takeaways….

In many ways, your website represents your brand, your identity. The copy on your website is no different. That’s why, when working with copywriters and content strategists, surgeons are encouraged to choose their own level of participation.

In many instances, plastic surgeons are too busy to provide much input at all, so they entrust their practice manager with this important input.

We look at our copywriting for plastic & cosmetic surgeons as a partnership. Ultimately, no matter how clearly and expertly plastic surgery procedures are described, any good marketing copy also has to pull in the user. Our copy is designed to move qualified users into the next stage of the lead lifecycle, whether that’s contacting your office directly or subscribing to a mailing list.



Casandra Valentin

P.S. Change your copy and get qualified leads. It all boils down to how you can separate yourself from your competition by using copywriting services that make your website content tailored to you. We are in the “ME INC” generation, your practice will shine above all general surgeons if you incorporate a bit of you in your online presence.

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