Copywriting For Social Media

Copywriting Tips For Plastic Surgeons That Drive More Engagement on Social Media By Taking A Different Angle In The Noisy World of The Internet Society

Get that copy right the first time Doctor….

Hey Doc,

I just want to be the one to tell you this….

Different social media channels have different audiences, different peak hours of usage, and character limits to get attention. And each one is built for a different style of writing, which means there’s one more thing to consider:

What should your copy for each of your social networks look like?

Facebook, THE BOOK,  is a particularly good one for promoting your external content — you know, things like blog posts, reports, or videos. That’s what 76% of users seek when they visit Facebook: interesting content.

When you’re creating tweets, remember hashtags are a great way to indicate and summarize what your message is about. Plus, it’s a nice way to become discovered by users who might be using hashtags to search for tweets pertaining to a certain topic, for example: #removehaironlegs

LinkedIn has become an interesting distribution channel. Users can share simple post updates, usually business-related (think: job openings and professional conferences), and push them to Twitter at the same time, though we don’t recommend that —  there are problems that rise with identical content across different channels…..

Understand the Purpose of Each Social Network

I remember when I first started my marketing services to anyone who needed a better website….

I used an automation software plugin that connected to my backend website blog and I would send that same information across all my social media channels. I took the lazy route and it cost me a few days lost of work because it kept reposting the same information for 48 hours…..

I had so many duplicates and I was shut-out of my account for an entire week…Like I said, beware of identical content…

Since Instagram is, first and foremost, a platform for sharing photos and videos, the primary focus should typically be on your visual content. But it’s helpful to provide context that lets users know what they’re viewing — within reason.

Hashtag This Hashtag That…

Managing your brand’s social media presence is no simple task, but it’s more than possible. And now, writing creative, compelling copy for your various channels can become a fun task…..

Well not for you, for your marketing person in your organization…You should have a content creator that is versed in copywriting on your team.

Draw some information about your audience composition for each social network. I want you to tell them the following…

If there are NO clicks on your links, no comments on your posts or noone sharing them. Well, I’ll be honest with you… most likely is that your copy sucks. Fortunately, when it comes to raising the engagement level on your social media posts, the answers are as old as human psychology and advertising in general….

First I want you to define and express your USP (unique selling proposition) that differentiates yourself from the rest of the plastic surgeons in the crowd. Otherwise you’re lost on the internet with little hope of being noticed or garnering any significant share of the market.

Number 2….Focus on the benefit of your surgical/non-surgical procedures over the feature. Highlight some feature of your business or product, emphasize the benefit of the feature.

You might post something like “Great News! Plastiscs Center now has coolsculpting!” There’s nothing wrong with this, except that it’s not going to get attention like this would: “Plastiscs Center just saved you a ton of time and effort. See how here.” While this is a simple example and not the best wording in the world, the point is clear.

Focusing on the benefit touches on needs, wants, or emotions that will resonate with readers more than listing the feature would. Not what it is, but how it will impact them. Even if you’re posting a news story, a link to a blog post, or a funny video, the copy that you include in the post should draw them in emotionally somehow. Features are objective. Benefits are personal.

Does this make sense to you? Keep reading to save your content girl on your team from making bad decisions for your practice content schedule….

Use strong action verbs in your posts. They should be clear, concise, and to the point. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by using active verbs instead of passive. This will help get rid of any fluff and whittle your post down to a sharp and clear point. “Man walking beside road is struck by bus” makes more of an impact when changed to “Bus strikes walking man”……Just to make a point…..

Leave Them Hanging

You haven’t been on social media without seeing these types of headlines left and right:

They did this or that. You won’t believe what happened next.

This person was doing something when they found something shocking.

How being run over by a car was the best thing that ever happened to me.

These all introduce a titillating story or idea, but never tell you what actually happened. It gets interest piqued enough that people will click through to read the rest of the story.

Humans want closure, and when they get a little pinch of something interesting they want to know the rest. This is a psychological ploy, but it’s tried and true and works more often than not….

I’m Talking to YOU, yeah baby, YOU

Get specifically engaged with a specific demographic. When people feel like you’re speaking directly to them they pay more attention to you, especially when there’s no question that they are your audience. Good copy usually comes across as a direct conversation rather than a broadcast to the masses….

Remember when you first read the title of this piece? I mentioned you need to take a different angle in the noisy world of the society on the internet….

Getting right to the point in your lede or headline doesn’t give anyone a reason to click through. They’ve got the idea, time to move on. A great example of this was shared recently on Newswhip’s blog post about how to write a good lede using a Mashable post about the Floyd Mayweather boxing match against Marcos Maidana, which was the second most-tweeted story in September. The headline wasn’t “Mayweather defeats Maidana” or anything else so mundane. Their lede: “Floyd Mayweather made almost $15K per second this weekend (again), how was yours?”

Make yourself clear doctor….

Give a Clear Call to Action. The goal is to get them to the website or blog, or to comment on the post. It’s on your blog or website that you want them to sign up for a newsletter, subscribe for a consultation, or ask for more information on your practice.

It’s time you create a strategy for your practice to Become a social word ninja. Give it some feeling with emotional language. Emotion drives engagement. So, infuse more emotional language into your social media posts. Start with this useful cheat sheet of emotional power words compiled from copywriter Karl Stapp.


Emotional Power Words Copywriting For Social Media

Stop neglecting your writing chops on social media, I sincerely hope you won’t any longer. Now that you know how and why to write your best on every network, I bet you’ll see better performance from each post. Crisp copy that cuts through the crap will get you noticed in no time…..

Just as these words made a difference in the lives of millions of doctors reading this, the words you use in your practice can make a difference in the lives of your patients…..

Ultimately, to be persuasive and attention-grabbing in copywriting, you have to tell your story with your voice.




P.S. Doc, you don’t have anyone to write for your social media content? Because if you don’t have anyone to write a different angle for all your online posts, I’d be happy to be of service to you. Give me a call today. 773-250-2113