Why Lead Generation Is Important

This Practice Utilizes 2 Channels To Get 87% of Their Clients Because People Love To Hire People That Make Them Feel Protected…. Especially You

Hey Friend,

It all started when I struck up a conversation with a lawyer. He was telling me that he was part of a site that sent him leads once people got traffic tickets. To keep his identity hidden, let’s call him Doug.

So Doug was getting his traffic ticket leads from this website he was apart of. So I asked him how that was working out for him. He told me that his return on his membership was okay. Once he got the list, he would automatically send those leads an envelope with his information to have these people call him….

I know, I’ve had my fair share of lawyers send me generic envelopes that all looked the same to get my attention to represent me in court

(I have the need for speed when I drive but I also have those gold cards family members get who are related to cops; #teamnewjersey).

Anyways, I opened all of them and they all read the same thing. The lawyer I ended up calling was because his first name was Alfredo, which is my cousin’s name. The rest of the lawyers’ letters I ripped up and threw it in the trash.

I told Doug my experience with those and I recommended changing up his letter to make it more personal because when someone gets a traffic ticket, they’re going to get at least 5 different lawyers contacting them to represent them in court for a flat rate….

Also, I asked him what he was doing online. He told me he had a website set up with this company that handled his hosting and did the design for him…

Oh boy, I thought. No wonder he wasn’t too happy with his ROI with getting clients. I took a look at his website and just as I suspected, a lot of generic jargon that only lawyers would understand.

Now, if you’re still here reading this, I’m sure you are going through the same with your business…. This is what happened, and what you can do to…

I told him that he should consider changing the wording on his website so when his potential clients got his letter and looked him up online, they would be able to make the decision to contact him.

He contracted me to redo the copy on his website and his client response jumped 30% in the first month.

Then I suggested to invest in paid ads online, more specifically, Facebook Ads. I told him he would be able to reach the younger than him generation who get into a little trouble with the traffic law. All he had to do was adjust his audience with retargeting methods for an audience who had been searching…. “Lawyer for traffic ticket”.

Of course he asked me to help him with that and I was able to get him 7 leads in a week….yes I said it right, 7 leads in 7 days. I’ve been doing this for him for 5 months now and he’s been hiring help since. I hope I helped him change his business for the better, he keeps telling me to slow down with those leads, however I don’t want to.

I want to see him grow, just like I enjoy helping others achieve their success in the business world.

So here’s to your success as a lawyer.



Casandra Valentin

Attorney’s Client-Getting-Helper

P.S. If you need help with getting clients from Direct Mail and/or Facebook Ads, I can help you. You can either give me a call on my personal line at 973-771-9118, or you can reach my assistant at 773-250-2113, or just email me at [email protected].