Discover The Format As We Know It To Be Copywriting Secrets Of Successful Lawyers


Copywriting Is Salesmanship In Print


Dear friend,

In a nutshell, I will show you the 4 essential items only successful lawyers in New York City and New Jersey use to get their letters opened by people who violate the law and are being bombarded with other lawyers who want to represent them in the court of law….

The first essential item for the rest of the items to work is… What kind of letter do you send your potential client? Is it enclosed in a 4 ⅛ x 9 ½ beige envelope? Or is it white? With a printed stamp? Or is it a live stamp?  

Don’t Be Boring

Whatever you’re doing is most likely what everyone else is doing when they send prospect clients, and for the rest of this letter, let’s call him Marty. Marty is going to put all those letters into a hat and pick one. What Marty needs to see in order to choose a lawyer is someone who seems to know what he is doing AND can also explain to him in layman terms on how you can protect him. But the only way that will happen is if he finds your envelope to be curious enough to him to open and read it.

Curious Marty Always Wants To Know More

Which leads me to essential numero 2, the letter. In this letter you introduce yourself with HOW you can help Marty. It’s all about Marty. Not about you. Marty doesn’t know you or care about you at the moment. He just opened a letter than he found intriguing and in the letter you are to use words that will benefit Marty and his situation. At the end, mention who you are and give him a call-to-action to speak with him for a consultation over the phone.

Now Marty wants to know who you are. Essential #3: Where can he find your information? From a google search looking you up and your practice….

Is your image presentable online? How’s your website looking? Is the information on your website easy for Marty to understand? Please make sure the directories you are listed on the internet has not too many bad reviews……

Your Presence Is Salesmanship Online

Quick story: I once was looking up a lawyer to recommend a friend who was looking to buy a restaurant and she needed someone to represent her. I contacted my network, one of them referred me to a lawyer who had experience in the matter. Of course, I protect my reputation so I make sure to research them before I put my name behind theirs…

Did I recommend that referral to my friend? Hell no! There were 3 lawyer directories where people gave him bad reviews when working with him. Luckily I had someone else in my network refer me to a better choice to recommend my friend…..

But you see where I’m going with this? And I have a rule of thumb with 3 bad reviews. Normal people see 1 bad review and they’ll keep searching (I’ve told you in the past I’m a cool nerd).

Okay, essential #4 is all about making it clear on how Marty can get in touch with you. Be polite and make Marty feel important to you as your mother or sister. Be sure to help Marty understand your value and how it will benefit him when having you represent him.

It all boils down to what words you use on everything you use to market yourself as a lawyer in your space. Each piece leads to the next in the decision making process. It’s your responsibility to get the format right as a successful lawyer.

At least that’s what I make sure to do for my successful clients who are lawyers.



Casandra Valentin

“The Nerd Behind The Lawyer’s Marketing”

P.S. I normally use these letters to express myself and the thoughts behind my work of marketing and advertising that have been successful. I don’t get into too much detail but more of a “bullet point” to the facts. I would like to share more details if you’re interested. Shoot me an email when you’d be available for a chat. [email protected]

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